Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jae Millz - "Who"
Beat by Ron Browz of "Ether" fame, flailing crash cymabls like the "Lean Back" intro alternating with siren squeals, "you can't find a nigga in the city that's tougher/I got a three year run like TS at the Rucker/don't tell me nothin' bout who the next to pop/cause everybody who's supposed to been hot done flopped"

112 - "My Mistakes"
Trackboyz being maybe the last producers I like that I'd expect to make the jump to R&B gracefully, but this comes together nice, with their griminess creeping in with the backwards kick drum and the ding dong melody but otherwise it's just smooth and melancholy and pleading like Slim and them do so well.

Youngbloodz f/ Mannie Fresh - "Brand New"
I think I'd like Mannie's "ladies, gentleman, barnyard animals" intros a lot more if he didn't do them on every other song. I half expected dude's solo album to have a "Old Mcdonald had a farm" track. And for some reason him producing for people outside CMR always seems like a good idea but so rarely turns out to be any good. But this is at least better than the song on the T.I. album. I like how he repurposes the booming "Real Big" chorus drums as just a texture in the background of this.

I cant get enough R&B this year.
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