Friday, March 11, 2005

Jadakiss - Checkmate
"I ain't mad, I don't wanna sound mad, I feel marvelous." By far the most entertaining thing about the last few messy weeks that wasn't also depressing and overdiscussed was Jada's interviews in the initial Piggy Bank fallout, coming off completely delighted by the whole thing, laughing it off and rubbing his hands together thinking out loud about how this is gonna get him in the news more and how he can milk it for sales. I wish I hadn't deleted the DJ Clue interview mp3 I had, it was hilarious how excited he sounded. Probably had the song done for days/weeks and just added the intro congratulating 50 on the 1.1 million before sending it off to Flex. Hyping the "real response" as being on the Styles album, kinda off the cuff, not as fire as all the message board dudes are making it out to be, no knockouts but he gets in some good jabs, "picture Kiss not come out swinging, it's like going to see 50 at a show and he don't come out singing"/"never the king of New York, you live in Connecticut"/"I did real songs with Big, no made up shit"/"most likely ya new CD is a weedplate, bunch of love songs, 100% pure garbage, just something to break buds on, you should just sell clothes and sneakers, cuz outta your whole camp your flow is the weakest".

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