Thursday, February 24, 2005

Memphis Bleek - "Like Dat" / Young Gunz - "Set It Off"
With Kanye and Blaze off building their own houses at Sony and Atlantic while the Roc restructures or gets absorbed into Def Jam or whatever, Jay is farming out what's left of the Roc roster's singles jobs to Swizzy as repayment for keeping his voice on the radio post-retirement with those T.I. and Cassidy samples. "Like Dat" has another horn riff and "Bring Em Out" type beat, but the shit that makes it good is that wobbly guitar sample underneath everything, and the way the beat shifts into halftime "Swizz slow down the beat, it's all love, slow motion for me like it's screwed up, make it move like the Matrix dude was duckin' slugs, Bleek the black sheep mami now kick it up" / "Set It Off" meanwhile not really having any of those redeeming qualities, just sounding like a sluggish version of the "I'm A Hustler" drums with Swizz rewriting the "Get It On The Floor" hook, but Neef as usual upstages Chris with a fly little flow on the 3rd verse.

J-Kwon f/ Petey Pablo - "Get X'd"
Trackboyz still the secret hottest producers in the game, picking up spare parts of everyone else's sound and squeezing something fresh out of it. Since the Neptunes took back the "Tipsy" stomp for that horrible song on the Gwen Stefani record, they're back to stealing that Timbo circa '99 warped unsteady synth tone (think "Snoopy Track"(!) or that Game song) that they already put to such amazing use on the Ali/St. Lunatics soundtrack jam "Breathe In, Breathe Out" that got buried and slept on thanks to coming out at the same time as "Hot In Herre". With two of my favorite voices that don't belong to favorite rappers smeared all over it.

Tango Redd f/ David Banner and Bone Crusher - "Wobble and Shake It"
Since I only seem to be capable of talking about what the producers doing if I haven't heard the song enough times for any of the verses to sink in: Banner with the tinny "Like A Pimp" woodblocks and another tinny organ line that's a little better than his last few tinny organ lines for some kid with dyed blond dreadlocks that I've never heard of, kinda-biting 504 Boyz for the hook. I can't remember the last time someone put Bone Crusher on a song and had him do a verse instead of the hook, it's kind of refreshing, he sounds kinda different from usual too.

i heard the young gunz cut on the 5'oclock ride last night. for me the redeeming value were the random marley snares and the fact that there's no actual music behind the drums except for the synth line right at the start of the chorus...mixshow djs will hopefully have a field day with this one.

so what's the deal with the Young Gunz? I heard the "Sick of Waiting" track and like that cut better this one--anyone know how they're approaching the promotion of these cuts? far as i know they're all white labels...

i still need to hear that memph cut. hood hop was listenable, but i honestly have no love for the trackboys.

on the baltimore tip: you heard the k-swift skillz promo cut? it's actually kinda nice...definitely beats a haz-mat drop.
yeah "Sick of Waiting" is crazy. i've been hearing that for a minute and just finally found out what it was called. not sure wha tthe official status is on those songs but the Bleek one is supposed to be his single and I think the Swizz is gonna be the Gunz single too. haven't heard the K-Swift/Skillz yet...
Whats Going on everyone.....
Young Gunz Track Sick Of Waiting is On Caveman Presents "Record" wich is bing put out thru Koch Sept 23

Alot of People dont know who Caveman is let me fill u in.
Caveman is the in house enginer for roc a fella artist and The now defunked state property. the album will feature such artist like
Joe Budden
Young Gunz
Peedie Crakk
Jae Mills
Purple City
Oskino & Sparks
J Bezel
Killa Mike
Bone Crusher
Jacki O
And Production By
Chad West
Scram Jones
D Dot
Clinton Sparks
J Garfeld

The Kid Has A Good Line up keep An
Ear Open For This One If U Want More Info On Caveman Or His Album
You Can Contact His Promo Company @

Ps Thay Are ServiceN the Young Gunz Wax So Hit Them Up If U Need The Wax
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