Friday, February 11, 2005

Like I said, probably the first rap album I ever heard (if not then probably the Beastie Boys; I prefer to think it was this). I didn't see any of the Elm Street movies until years later but I loved "Nightmare On My Street", which I found both funny and genuinely scary (c'mon, I was like 6 or 7). Like that part at the end where Will frantically calls Jeff and tells him not to fall asleep, and then Jeff dozes off and suddenly it's Freddy Kruger (as played by their human beatbox Ready Rock C) on the other end of the phone, screaming "I'M YOUR DJ NOW, PRINCIE!" Last weekend I was at a party and my friend Chris put on Ready To Die, which was kind of funny because I had just listened to it earlier that day for the first time in like months, and I was telling him about how "Suicidal Thoughts" always reminded me of the end of "Nightmare On My Street". I didn't hear this album for years until a few months ago. My band that just broke up rents a practice space in south Baltimore that's owned by these old prog rock guys, and the room we play in has these cassette racks all over the walls with like hundreds of cassettes, all from 1990 or earlier. So for a while I would just grab any tape that caught my eye, usually something classic rock, to listen to in the car, and then put it back at the next practice. This one I'm probably just gonna keep, though. I don't think anyone will notice. 92Q always plays "Brand New Funk" on their old school mix at noon, and that kinda put me in the mood to hear it again. There's so many great songs I forgot about. Like "Charlie Mack (1st Out The Limo)", which is a boast about how tough their bodyguard is, and has maybe the first recorded mention of a "hip hop cop". And some really weird dated moments, like on "Live At Union Square (November 1986)" when Will does some questionable variations on the "ugly people be quiet" routine, such as "all the homeboys that got AIDS be quiet". If this album had the theme song from the TV show on it it'd be perfect.

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