Monday, February 21, 2005

50 Cent - "A Baltimore Love Thing"
Okay, obviously I was interested in this based on the title before hearing it, and 50 repeatedly saying it's his favorite song on the album and describing it, like:

Well, A Baltimore Love Thing is, it's titled that because in Baltimore the heroin addiction rate is really high. So the song is about the relationship between an addict and the drug. I give this drug emotion, feelings and at some point in the song, the drug actually becomes mad at the addict for trying to leave. It's like a real vivid description of what it would be like if it was human.

And that's basically what it is. Mostly describing the addict as a female with him as the heroin being a man, dick-as-syringe, "push me inside you", I guess even for an abstract conceptual track he can't let it seem gay or anything. Starts with a big dramatic timpani roll like it's going into some big dramatic NYC banger but instead settles into a soft ooh-ing rim tap beat. First verse starts of gentle and flirty and then suddenly turns hostile and angry right after the word "relapse":

girl I'm missin' you, come and see me soon
tie your arm up, put that lighter under that spoon
now put that needle to your arm, princess, stick it in
relapse, you back, bitch, don't ever try that again
all the shit I did for you, I made you feel good
we have a love thing, you treatin' this like it's just a fling
what we have is more sacred than a vow or a ring
you broke my heart
you dirty bitch, I won't forget what you did
if you give birth, I'll already be in love with your kids

and then, later:

I hung out with Marvin when he wrote Sexual Healing
Kurt Cobain, we were good friends, Ozzy Osbourne too
I be with rock stars, see you lucky I'm fuckin' with you
I chill with Frankie Lymon and Jimi Hendrix crew
see this is new to you, but to me this ain't new
I live the lavish life, listen if the mood is right
me you and your sister can do the do tonight
I never steered you wrong, you hyper I make you calm
I'll be your acceptable reason for you to move on
let's make a date, promise me you'll come to see me
even if it means you'll have to sell your mama's TV
I love, you love me back, noone said lovin' me'd be easy

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