Thursday, December 30, 2004


i can't wait for pimp c to get out for real (kill the rumors already-- when he gets out for real we'll know) and that new ugk album to drop and let two southern legends eat off the new southern supremacy, but, man, bun killed the features and remix game this year. we got to hear him on the remixes of every big track and then when you flipped open murder dog, every ad had "FEATURING BUN B." every rapper with a microphone and a checkbook got him on a track! and it didn't matter if it was a swishahouse mixtape flow or a no name kid from north carolina or a lil jon remix, he wrecked, roaring up out of the background with that voice of god flow, holding down the beat and outshining everyone else.

1. jim jones/t.i./bun b - end of the road -- everyone's talking about ugk doing a deal with def jam after pimp c gets out, talking about another section of the south being colonized by new york city, smoothed down with authentic, tasteful hip-hop beats. but bun can ride a beat like this, a straight heatmakerz sped-up soul sample ready for a juelz mixtape joint, and still sound raw as anyone, still spit about 84s and shout dipset affiliation at the same time.

2. mddl fngaz/mike jones/bun b - rollin strapped 2k4 freestyle -- from dipset all the way to underground houston mixtape filler, screwed and chopped with his click on big tuck's ambitionz az a ridah ripoff, using the same verse as the no problems remix verse: "i'm in a cadillac the color of cum / smellin like bubblegum with my truck on hum."

3. e.s.g./slim thug/bun b - in my cadillac -- man, bun b on sleepy houston beat, spitting about lacs and blowing light green: "there's only three rules when you sit in my car / one: don't ash on my floor, two: don't spill your barre / three: don't touch my radio cause i'm bangin my screw / and everyday in port arthur, p.a. this is how we do."

4. slim thug/t.i./bun b - three kings -- "we goin hard in the paint like car-MEL-OWWWWW / this is for the boys that sip purple and sip YELL-OWWWW / shorty shake ya jelly like jell-o, she curvy like a cello / damn, baby broke me off before i even said hello."

5. iceberg/froze ony/bun b - yo cadillac -- a lot of versions of this ended up being credited to bun b and froze ony and iceberg got stripped off it and replaced with twista and mike jones on the remixes (check for the original, though, cause they go just as hard as the guests). this one has the detailed, specific lac verse about buckhyde and peanut butter rag roofs. "mayne, your foreign must floss but your foreign ain't wreckin / my candy slab'll break you off in a second, stop disrespectin."

6. paul wall/killer mike/bun b - dats what dat is -- from the suite of hard and rough tracks from paul wall's chick magnet album before he goes soft for the rest of it. fat, blasting horns and hard drums, nothing like the usual fake atl beat most houston rappers flip for their hard tracks. and matching bun verse, coming with a dozen equally quotable couplets, stacking one on top of another. "now, eleven is the size of my shoe / and that's the new size of the hole you let your shit come through!"

7. pitbull/bun b - dirty -- tribute to southern life on hard, slow pitbull track, echoing the end of each line. opening: "say, straight up outta texas / that reckless p.a. to be exact(ACT) / where the streets is cutthroat / and fiends'll kill ya for a g of crack(CRACK) / and the gs in the cadillacs(LACS), chevys, cuttys and deltas / might swang up on ya, then hurt ya, nobody here gon help ya." closing:

8. paul wall/bun b - ridin big freestyle -- hook flipped to "we movin weight, hoe" and paul wall talking about popping glocks and birds that don't chirp before bun comes in and rips it, talking about, "playa, we was movin work when yall niggas was babies / ridin 600 mercedes way back in the eighties / and we fuckin the best ladies, smokin the best bud / and sellin crack cocaine before you knew what it was!"

9. t.i./bun b - pussy-ass niggas -- bun very carefully spitting on another t.i. diss track, talking in the general while tip goes at flip, sounding more menacing than anyone else can, matching that voice with that devastating wordplay about his history in the game. "you think your hood get crunk? let me take you to a wilder zone / you can get your numbers pushed without me having to dial a phone."

10. lil jon/nas/jada/t.i./bun b - grand finale --
we growin doja in the basement in that underwater garden
with heron in the back shed dryin til it harden
bakin hash up in the oven, with yayo on the hot plate
with drank and fry in the freezer, it's obvious we got weight
i sell that hard work, that soft work, even that wet work
built-in clientele so we ain't gotta network
we always got work, so we ain't gotta get work
and if you ain't gettin your work from us you bound to get jerked
the yayo experts
we been whippin the yola since the crackers decided to take the coke out coca-cola
hold the roll, it's the king of the trill
the underground as well, you can step in the ring when you feel
nigga, just sound the bell
can't stand the haters in this game but the grind i'm lovin
pimpin, we past all that pushin, man it's time for shovin
i got the mask, i got the strap, soon as i find the gloves
then we gon start exposin like fahrenheit 9/11

11. gucci mane/young jeezy/bun b - black tees remix
12. graph/bun b - weight of the world
13. lil scrappy/cam'ron/t.i./bun b - no problems remix
14. mannie fresh/david banner/jasper/bun b - how we ride
15. lil boosie/webbie/bun b - give me that
16. david banner/killer mike/bun b - hold up
17. graph/bun b - don't give a fuck
18. daz/bun b - feel it
19. stat quo/bun b - they ain't know
20. lil flip/young buck/bun b - game over remix
21. roy jones jr./mike jones/bun b - 24s
22. paul wall/bun b - ridin big freestyle
23. bun b/killa kyleon - can't do it no better
24. young jeezy/bun b - over here
25. play-n-skillz/pitbull/bun b - freaks pt. 2
26. cam'ron/three six/diplomats/bun b - sippin on syurp pt. 2
27. juve/solja slim/bun b - slow motion remix
28. lil scrappy/bun b - what u gon do remix
29. t.i./jazze pha/big gee/bun b - is that yo chick
30. paul wall/bun b - drank in yo system freestyle

eightball & mjg ft bun b - the streets
man, there were lots i was feeling but i didn't put on but the ball & g track track was one i had on the list. it ended up getting deleted somehow. same with the chingy track.
is your email still enud0002?
yukmouth ft bun b - i love dro
it would seem that numbers 8 and 22 are the same. make room and show the space-aged pimps some love! must they ask they momma or the lord?
chingy ft. bun b - we do.

yeah still enud0002

does the graph track use the same verse as the pw freestyle??
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All I have to say is that Bun B a good ass rapper and I have your cd and It's hot and Draped Up with Slim Thug (Boss Hoss), Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Lil' Flip, Lil'Keke, Aztek,Z-Ro that song is hot I won't to know when will you be going on tour will it be soon I hope. Keep your head up and keep up the good work.

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It's all about Lil Jon and his pimp cup not to mention the mouth grillz.
I was feeling but i didn't put on but the ball & g track track was one i had on the list.
While this subject can be very touchy for most people, my opinion is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find.
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