Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Oh shit, Stay Getting also have a song on Purple Haze -- check track 14, "Bubble Music". More heat from the Dipset/Bmore connection! Speaking of which, on first listen I'm surprised how hot PH is. Until maybe a week ago, I'd pretty much written it off as delayed for too long and probably not worth the wait. But this has way surpassed my expectations.

Still, they don't seem to have timed this too well, considering it's been delayed like 9 months. I mean, "Girls" is barely on radio yet (and I really don't think it was the right choice for the single anyway...forget how old it is, "Killa Cam" could be a huge). I mean I'm sure it'll sell ok but it's not gonna compete well in the 4th quarter without a serious hit. Still the video does have one great moment:

random guy: Cam, you see my wifey in here wildin' out?
Cam: yo, that's not your wife, that's everybody's friend!


Yeah this album is great, I was surprised. There's no "Hey Ma" on it though so I can't imagine it'll sell nearly what the last one did.
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