Monday, November 01, 2004

mac dre, r.i.p.

shot up and had his van rammed off the road in kansas city after doing a show. another rapper in his crew, dubee, was driving and managed to get out half alive and get help. supposedly it might have been some dudes trying to get some other dudes that rolled with dre. 95live has a tribute up right now, check that out.

mac dre with jay tee, baby bash - just a touch of game

mac dre with yukmouth and sauce - get stupid, go dumb

that's all i've got but check that tribute and go download some other shit, maybe go get one of his albums if you can.

courtesy of anonymous donor in comments section:

life's a bitch

thizzle dance

crest shit

Lifes A Bitch:

Thizzle Dance:

Crest Shit:

r.i.p andre hicks.
man, thanks a lot. is it cool if i link those on the main post? i can't say i know too much about this dude. i mostly know him from guest verses i've heard on shit and the cd covers catching my eyes.
feel free to, im an avid reader so its all love..

i got another song you might wanna peep.
dope. keep it up. mac drizzle r.i.p
dubee wasn't in the car he was at another hotel where mac dre was goin to until this shit happen.... mac mall and dubee said in in a interview i hear on the net.... look and download that shit not too hard to find..... type in "mac mall dubee interview"
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