Thursday, November 11, 2004

listening to paul wall and chamillionaire get ya mind correct

houston rap stretching the you don't grind you don't shine idea into motivational hypnosis cassette and accompanying infomercial. paul says: ya got a lot of lazy dudes out there want to shine but don't want to put in no work, want to ball but then they gon sit on the couch and watch tv all day. and: people who ain't sayin nothing always talk the most. you got two ears and one mouth, that means you gotta listen twice as much as you talk.

as much grime as possible stripped away, sounding as clean and expensive as possible. all those soft houston beats pitched up a bit and tempos pushed up to enhance the sparkle and squeak and turn the blanket bass into coherent strikes, so you can jam it in your car and hear the rappers and shiny sound effects over the roar from the trunk.

explanation of chamillionaire. you've got to hear this to understand why cham still gets so much love and sells so many albums. yeah, right, he fell off hard and mixtape messiah was weak as hell but he sounds like a billion dollar rapper on get ya mind correct. he dominates, rides anything, and hums and sings on the hooks and intros. there's nothing conversational about his flow, it's all real rapper flow, getting into this doubletime groove and never falling out of it unless it's intentional. that's why the beats need to be clean and fast. and even though he's trying to front like some southern canibus or something now, it's amazing to hear him spit some candy paint/diamonds/girls shit. he says: never brag about my rims was my mindframe/ but then my 20s turned to 22s and my mind changed.

explanation of paul wall.

they think i work for kellogs, mouth full of frosted flakes
i wreck the mic like if ya drivin and lost ya breaks
my mouth got ice shattered with princess cuts swollen
i'm the ish like if i had an uncontrollable colon
i'm throwed but you can catch me mackin somethin that's chocolate
sippin on some lemon squeeze with a cherry on top
game damager, i take trips up to canada
so many cars i got more keys than a janitor
crawlin low like tarantula, here i come grab ya camera
even though i'm a rookie i'm still far from an amateur
it's the trunk dismantler from antoine drive
but catch me via satellite over on cancun live
my screens fall similar to coconuts
i'm tryna keep my wallets fatter than oprah's butt
i'm sittin crooked and throwed, ride squatted and slowed
it goes down but yall already know ha ha

but imagine it over medium tempo loping beat with little plucks of fake strings and crinkly paper bag drums. and really enthusiastic but genuine delivery, bobbing his head in the booth and smiling and cham and the engineer and the entourage behind the board and doing all the attendent actions for the right lines.

explanation of paul wall and chamillionaire. the color changing click mixtapes eventually turned into too much of a contrast between way too complex cham punchlines and paul relying on "i could catch boppas if..." lines but i think this is close to perfect, just the right balance. cham with that insanely competent flow and those smooth hooks and paul with the slow funny shit, like a good commentator/color team.

Nice write-up, this is definitely a great album. "The Otha Day" is probably the one that grabbed me first, but the whole thing is terrific - sometimes I get sort of annoyed by the dinky G-funkness of the beats ("falsified") but on the whole you really captured what's great about pw and koopa's rapping. "I don't wanna be just another book on the shelf/.../got the whole world under my belt."
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