Sunday, August 29, 2004

slim thug ft. pharrell - i ain't heard -- it's kind of depressing to hear slim thug, houston superstar, candy blue bentley driver even before he got signed, bonehard street veteran, turned wooden and out-of-place by a budget nondescript neptunes beat with funny neptunes ticky conga drums and swooshy/pharrell singing bullshit chorus. (he's has to say "big boss of the south" now, because saying "big boss of the north" wouldn't make any sense to anyone, i guess).

az ft. cl smooth - magic hour -- fuck these are the two most depressing songs in the world. az sounds so defeated. dead sped up soul sample hip-hop beat and az starts rapping about sands in tahiti, bare chest, thirty grand on the pinky, grey goose and hoes galore. and. there's this guy at the barbershop i go to who drives one of those little triumph convertibles and seems to be in every time i'm there and he used to sell insurance and own rental properties and then i guess he lost all his money or something and he talks about all his plans, that big brick building right by the 4th ave viaduct, he's going to turn it into big loft apartments, that's money right there, but he's always wearing the same grey clothes and spitting over sped-up soul samples.

yo dk sorry man, i posted that picture of slim thug like exactly the same time as you but i thought my computer ate the post cos it didn't appear. weird.
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