Friday, August 20, 2004

Bossman - "I Did It"

I don't know what it says about me as a person that 3 years post-Blueprint I still get off on the untouched-soul-sample production style when it's done well. Still, I kinda wish Baltimore MC's on the rise would get off New York's dick and stick with the hometown style, no matter how cheap Bmore beats sound and how much out-of-towners wanna hate (I was driving through D.C. last week and on the radio they were doing a battle of the beats thing and someone dismissed a song by saying "that shit sounds like it was made in Baltimore!", ha ha fuck you). But anyway, this is nice and cuddly and he sounds good on it, the tune kinda reminds me of the 2nd single from the last Fat Joe solo LP that bombed. And Bossman has a new freestyle over the "Headsprung" that I think I caught a Comp diss on.

Comp - "Slow Your Roll" remix

OK, forget what I said about Baltimore rappers shouldn't fuck with NYC beats, Comp sounds perfect over this kinda shit, even when dropping corny punchlines like "she wanna build with me like Tetris". This is his version of the 'new' B.I.G. song that I asked for info about here and on ILM but noone has helped me identify yet. Anyway Def Jam needs to hook him up with more shit that sounds like this.

Paula Campbell - "You Make Me..."

Her new single, in slow jam mode, so not nearly as fun as her first 2, but ok for what it is. The titular ellipses are pronounced with suggestive moans and clearly meant to imply something naughty, and she doesn't waste any effort on veiling the innuendo beyond that. But what does it for me is the triplet cadence of the vocals on the chorus, which kind of drags in this probably unintentional way that sounds cool when she pulls up to the dirty unsaid parts.

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