Friday, June 25, 2004

rep your city

Comp f/ Lil' Mo - "Be Wit Chu"

New single from the Baltimore/Def Jam connection! The beat is very sparkly and reminds me of bicycle bells for some reason, and Comp tries to get all grown'n'sexy, despite being neither grown nor sexy. It cracks me up when he goes "gotta look good for the ladies, gotta do it real big for the ladies!", he sounds so goofy and awkward. It's OK, but I kind of hope Def Jam waits until he has a hotter song to push with a video and everything, there's plenty of other 19-year-old rappers coming into the game right now with that soft Cassidy shit, he should do something realer. But anyway it's got my favorite diminutive R&B chick Lil' Mo on the hook! She's not originally from here, but she has mad love for Baltimore, she DJed on the radio here (on WXYV, back when there was more than one rap station in town) for about a year between her first and second albums.

Mullyman f/ the Clipse and Fam-Lay - "Got It"

MD/VA collaboration! With Rod Lee on the beat! And it really makes sense for him to produce a track with Star Trak dudes on it, considering how most of his rap/R&B productions jack the Neptunes' minimalist style in one way or another (the singles he did for Davon and Paula Campbell both used the "Grindin'" kit). But this is so stark and simplistic it makes "VA Banger" sound lush by comparison.

Nuance f/ Neke - "I Can't Go Back"

Neke is a DJ on 92Q, which is pretty much the only reason they ever played this song, but it's actually a pretty slick mainstream-sounding R&B song (as opposed to the relatively gutter local stuff that they try to hype). Neke sounds way too much like Lil Kim on this.

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