Thursday, December 16, 2010

Backland - Block Work: None Better (DJ Jabril/Block Boy Music)

I’ve posted so many songs and videos hyping up this project since it was announced way way back around January, so when Backland’s contribution to DJ Jabril and AllBmoreHipHop’s Block Work series finally dropped last month I wasn’t even in a huge rush to cop it since I felt like I’d already heard so much of it. Like a lot of folks in Baltimore, I will forever check for Backland just off the strength of how classic his 106 & Park Freestyle Friday rhymes were, but I definitely have enjoyed his last couple mixtapes too. Like a lot of successful battle rappers, he’s probably not trying to let that reputation cage him in, so sometimes you get a little less of that humor and cleverness and a little more kind of standard mixtape rapper bravado, but he carries it well and the beats are pretty solid. I do hate the song "Who Da Fuck Are U" where it sounds like Backland is doing an OJ Da Juiceman impression, though. DJ Jabril hosts it, Skarr Akbar did the artwork, and 100 Grandman, Hunit Stackz, Caddy Da Don, Comp and B.O.M.B. drop verses on it.

Backland - “Do You” (mp3)
This was already my favorite song on the mixtape when DJ Jabril came in at the end and shouted out "Al Shipley, Government Names." I love when shit like that happens.

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Honestly i was all ready to hate and was pleasantly surprised. it was a gang of good stuff on there.

Hunnit if you watching, tell him Backs to have his old mixtapes put up on allbmorehiphop
Thats deep, in a good way. but just out of curiosity and for future PR. what about Backland had you: all ready to hate? cause I kinda get that vibe from a few critics. Like everybody got something against him. I can understand ppl not liking me because of things I say, but Backland dont bother nobody at all
If you look at Peat's review of the mixtape on Bmores Very Own, it seems to me that he just means that he didn't think Backland's last couple mixtapes really lived up to the potential he'd shown earlier in his career, not that he had anything against Backland in general.
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