Monday, November 29, 2010

Los - Shooter (After Platinum/DJ Ill Will/DJ Rockstar)

It's been a long time, almost 4 years, since I interviewed Los for the City Paper, and back then his talent was really undeniable, but he really didn't have much music out at all at that time. So it's been nice over the past couple years to see him really step up on the mixtape circuit and drop music consistently, to the point that it seemed right to give him a Best of Baltimore award this year. I was especially looking forward to Shooter because as great as he can be on other people's beats, it was exciting to finally get a full project of all original production. I wouldn't say this is a front to back classic, there's a few songs that get on my nerves, but for the most part this lives up to my expectations, just a solid tape. It's got the track with Midas that I posted a while back, production and cover art by Skarr Akbar, and a lot of big features like Raheem DeVaughn, Rick Ross and Cory Gunz.

Los - "Shooter Intro" (mp3)
I love when rappers treat intros as a chance to just start the record on a good tip and rap their asses off, and that's totally what this is, produced by 21.

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I wanted to call it a classic but he kept having those few tracks in there that was just wack. example "Baltimore 2 Step" is fucking awful in every aspect, whoever told Los that was a good idea is not his friend. I was literally in here like "hot, hot, hot, hot, wack, hot ,hot, wack wack, wack, decent, hot, hot, hot, wack , wack, wack". Regardless tho its still a hell of an improvement, maybe he should just do "less" next go round. Overall its a solid mixtape and deserves high ranking just not a perfect score yet, he just goes way overboard too often, which throws it off balance. "Poetry" is the the shit by way.
beyond 2 step and money feels better, I think I like everything on there. And Al is right, the intro is ridiculous.

And I think he writes for that video chick.
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