Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dirt Platoon - Deeper Than Dirt (Brake Fast Records)

I always thought Dirt Platoon was one of the more slept on groups in Baltimore and they had a lot of potential, but I didn't really know they were working on something big with Brake Fast Records until I got their video for Deeper Than Dirt's first single, "Pennsylvania Ave," which was really impressive and got a little bit of buzz up for the album. And I'm happy to say the whole album is that good, I almost wanna say they're on some '90s Wu Tang shit but I don't want to paint them as retro or regressive, they're really clearly just doing them and this album just sounds like Baltimore, in the best way. Buy the album for only $7 on Band Camp.

Dirt Platoon - "Almighty" (mp3)
This is probably my favorite song after "Pennsylvania Ave," great great beat by Tom Delay with some sick stuttering drums.

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