Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bossman and DJ Envy - This Is A Warning

This has been out a couple months but my review just ran in the City Paper last week. It's a good mixtape, although there's a lot of old stuff on there that I'm already familiar with. The interview tracks where Bossman talks to DJ Envy, I guess on Hot 97, are real interesting. He talks about the producers he's getting on the album: Chad West, Kwame, 1Up and "I definitely got my man Rod Lee, y'all gonna hear about him, that's a Bmore producer." It's encouraging to hear him say that and rep the local sound and explain club music a little before playing "Face Down," which if you ask me, that needs to be on the Virgin album, that's a hit record (although I still like the remix from the Charm City's King mixtape better than the original version that's on this). But mostly his talking points are the whole "the East coast is back" thing, which is only slightly less dubious than the "hip hop is back!" slogan that Kanye successfully campaigned for his first album on. I mean, I'm hesitant about embracing Baltimore's whole reputation as a 2nd rate New York or whatever, but that is kinda the vibe, so I guess that's cool, that's more true than some fake Southern type sound. He's definitely going for a NYC classicist vibe, trying to get a DJ Premier beat for the album and everything.

Bossman - "Jackin 4 Beatz"
Juicy / We Gonna Make It / Who / What Happened To That Boy / Make Her Feel Good / Lean Back / Soul Survivor / Down Bottom / Tell Me / Deep Cover / Dre Day / A.M To P.M. / Next Episode

Bossman - "Pain"
This beat is fucking sick, I don't know if it's just a freestyle over some song I'm not recognizing or if it's an original beat, does anyone know if it is?

So yeah, mp3s are back, and I'll be hitting you with a lot of music from now on. For now I'm putting them on Rapidshare, which means they'll be up permanently, unless any artists ever ask me to take it down.

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that bossman - pain beat is Ja Rule f/ 2Pac - So Much Pain off Pain is Love (2001)
Please get huli shallone for my shorty
naw it's originally from a pac song called 'pain' off the above the rim soundtrack. where can one buy this mixtape in bmore?
you can buy it at Sounds N Da Hood

thanks for the beat ID!

I still haven't found a copy of the new Huli song, sorry.
That Bossman join is tight! Also I was reading your article about fake southern sound. I like this group in Baltimore ABM boyz they sound southern but they can flip it east coast!
yeah i was feeling this CD.
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