Monday, May 02, 2005

mr. 3-2 - over the law

"been on these streets for all of my life / gangster discple, get the shit right / rest of my days, i'm reppin the street game / power, pistols, money and cocaine." posing on lowest budget cover, with his grim face pasted over the bentley from the cover of the 504 boyz album. glowering in gucci sunglasses. pacers fitted tilted over the white rag and braids sneaking out the back. the name spelled out in heavy steel letters. silvertop unmarked cd-r and a booking number inside.
    rap legend like only houston has: put it down with rap-a-lot back in the day AND wrecked screw's tapes AND got on texas classics with scarface, e.s.g., pokey, big moe, and for sure you know him from that opening sixteen off one day on ridin dirty (you know... "and if i die-- or should i say if i go / bury me in hiram clarke next to the come-and-go"). a legend from the southside (way down south, fuqua west, down there by z-ro and mo city, almost in the next county), first rapper in houston to call himself the big boss, got referenced with vague talk about real street activity, but then, dormant, no more undergrounds, and only referenced in anecdotes about seeing him gone off wet, spending a little time locked up, and not being able to get the rap shit going like he was capable of.
    gruff new flow, south park mexican with a different accent. rapping cramped together blue pen on white pad writing. this is more of those simple, boring street raps. but just under the surface, complex and unapparent internal structures that you hear on re-listens, close listens.     doing the traditional h-town stuff that everyone in the city made their name off back in the day. not cartooning it up with the punchlines or smoothing it into inspiration. twelve gauges and pistols. regional details. obsessed with street rules. lil o (remember? BAG BACK BAG BACK GIMME FIFTY FEET OR I'MA GRAB THE GAT AND HIT A NIGGA WITH THE HEAT) for the heartwarming realtalk back in the day/look how far we come track about falling asleep at screw's house while making tapes. z-ro for the grim lost in the ghetto track.
    talking proud about gang affiliation on every track. with symbolic talk about six poppin/five droppin and hexagrams or explicit talk about g.d./folks: "six stars and they shine so bright / disrespect my organization and you dyin tonight / take flight to chicago and visit the wild 100s / murders, dopedealin, kidnappins, we done done it / set larry hoover free, that's on a g, my nigga... / six poppin, five droppin, we some brothers of the struggle."
    half underground, half aboveground: half recycled beats and half original beats. splash waterfalls ("need that yayo, or some handlebars, whoever you are [FUCK (with) ME]), locked up, the rest obscure enough to be half recognized but not named. originals, classic soft houston beats that you need for southside legends.

(bonus: trae ft. h.a.w.k. and mr. 3-2 - screwed up click -- off that trae classic, same thing different day. somber, reactionary southside rappers defining what s.u.c. membership is about. trae flipping, h.a.w.k. giving his history, 3-2 with gruff and vague threats.)

Good Post

Any chance of posting that Don RO & Trae track?
I have a true story to tell about the so called "king of the ghetto", "don of mocity", Mr. Zro.

A few weeks ago [apx. 3 weeks ] Zro came to one of the hot corners in briargate (mocity) at 6603 wFuqua Houston Tx 77489 right at a record shop he is known to hang out at called studio 2000. The notoriouse Zro was with three ,maybee 4, other rappers to my knowlage their name was YoungMafia and are another rapalot group. While Zro got out of his new chrystler with his jewlery shining "capping" on his fans that were asking him questions about his new album by saying "let the truth be told. listen to the album thats all I got to say" and playing the fans weak by walking by them like he is so much better than every one. Now this is where the shit gets interesting.

Some normal sized nigga drives up in a black impala gets out smelling like sherm and starts his way right up to Zro yelling and cursing saying " nigga all that hoe ass shit you was talkin when we was locked up and I couldnt get to your ass I told you I was gonna get out nigga, all that shit you talkin in your music, ext. tell trae and dougie to stop claimin the West yall niggaz from out here. ext. " and went right up to Zro and slapped him on the back of the neck real hard, grabbed Zro by his shirt and drugged him away from the YoungMafia he came with and told Zro he wanted to box. Now I would expect Zro to go off according to his lyrics. But he didnt do shit. He just told the nigga to meet him in ridgemont park. So the nigga goes to ridgemont park and waits for Zro in his own hood for a nice while. Zro never came. Rumor has it in mocity that trae , dougie , and Zro are moving away from the southwest and coming back to ridgemont in mocity.

Now I dont know Zro. I have seen him alot out here and I live in mocity right in briargate off chimney rock not far from where this happened. I have heard alot of things about Zro and most of it is that he is fake. Now I see he is fake. Some people might say I am hating but he is influencing alot of younger niggaz to be killers and thugs which will get them into alot of dangerouse shit. But why is it that the nigga that is influencing the youngsters to be hard a punk. That shit makes me mad because the niggaz that admire him will go out and eventualy sell drugs, fight, mabee even kill, but the nigga in the song that influenced them to do it is a foney.

I know more people are not going to believe this shit than people that are so I have looked up the phone number to studio music2000 the record store he was at when this happened. If you dont believe me just call 281-835-3111 and ask if Zro got punked outside of the store. Stop listening to a fake ass nigga that wont even fight. I am mad too because I used to listen to that nigga and I thaught he was a real nigga. That shit hurt me to find out this was true.

Let the Truth be told?
well i cut 4 ro to the fullest and just cause u wont fight dose not meen that u r fake. i meet him about a year a go and i fell in love so 2 say, but he dont call me anymore, he wont pick up his phone
too many niggas, tryin to take me off of my game, cause a nigga frome the hood did a lil something good, now they all wanna jock my fame.
stop hatin you lame ass motherfucker.
bioootttch. i dont even know why i read this shit, my gay ass cousin forwarded me the shit. faggits. stop hatin. recognize the real. game recognines game. guerilla maab for life motherfuckers
too many niggas, tryin to take me off of my game, cause a nigga frome the hood did a lil something good, now they all wanna jock my fame.
stop hatin you lame ass motherfucker.
bioootttch. i dont even know why i read this shit, my gay ass cousin forwarded me the shit. faggits. stop hatin. recognize the real. game recognines game. guerilla maab for life motherfuckers
damn i dont know why i read this whack ass shit.the king of the ghetto aint no fraud whoever wrote this a fake ass nigga fa say you from houston how you gone say some shit like that about a nigga that came from the same streets as you.
Z-Ro, Trae, and Dougie D don't claim whatever you saying. Z-Ro, claims Ridgemont 4, and he don't stay in no Ridgemont no more, he lives in MO CITY, but not what you're thinking. He lives in MISSOURI CITY, and I say that, because he lives in the suburbs. He got the money, so he moved to Quail Valley. And as for Trae, I stay just a couple of minutes away from him, or where he used to stay. He was raised on West Airport, he IS from the West, and he ain't moving to no Mo City, he resides in Katy. And as for Dougie D, nobody fucks with him no more, so that shit don't matter, neither Z-Ro nor Trae.
Peep this, And game recognize game, Ro is his own industry. A busta ass nigga can step any time and Ro is at a place in life where he can say fuck it. Unlike some of you, I'm glad I read this shit because it just shows how many "fans" really don't feel the mans music.You can believe this shit or not but at the end of everyday, Zro still speaking some truth and instead of LISTENING to his music and learning all the words... HEAR WHAT HE SAYS and fuck the rest."is that gangsta enough for you, Ro gotta get his dough bro." < he says it all right there.
man just cuz yall motherfukers cant eva get on Ro's level dont mean ya gotta hate on a nigga to bring him down, ya niggaz need to quit hatin n get off dat niggas nuts, n instead of hatin off da greatest try to learn from him bitches
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Mean who ever wrought that bullshit about -Ro mean nigga you da fake ass motherfuker, you’re the stupid dome ass. Mean nigga if what you saying is true well that’s him. Like that other nigga just finish saying dam get off his nuts. Shit Z-Ro is some strait as nigga. And that’s 4-shoe, mean niggas just keep on hating cuz yall niggas aint bringing Z-Ro down. Mean Z-Ro you don’t know me but am just a fan of you I feel you in your songs mean don’t let no nigga bring you down just keep you head-up. Yall niggas just worry about yall shit let him do what he goats to do to maintain, like how his song says. Fuck what they are saying, Z-Ro.
ight truth be told that nigga ro is straight he aint fake like the pussy ass nigga that wrote this and how you no dat dat nigga dident show up were you there bitch no but RO stay in teal run in fresno TX Right next to mocity feel me i live there for a while i met dat nigga in HEB he was tight as a mutha fucka cool and shit i got him to sign my fuckin hat it said MOCITY
bitch that nigga is straight my car will always be bangin Z-ro
man fuck yall haterzzz.....Nobody gives a damn bout what you haterz say bout Z-ro n TRAE....we ALl noe they aint fake 4 shiiitt....So fuck YOU....I love you z-ro n traeee!!!!!
all thiz iz BULLSHIIITTT!!!!!my nigga trae aint no damn just hatiin on him cuz YOu noe he real but its whateva....STOP HATINN hoee!!!!
thiz damn haterz be talkiin to much fuckiin shit mayn!!!!z-ro is da best......i dunno what yall mutha fuckerz talkiin bout!!!!*-
man now i dont know if this shit is true and aint gone waist my time on it but z-mothafucken-ro stay's in teal run or did before he got locked up right by highway 6 by 521 right on the back by wind field lakes right by big pokey's krib nigga i stay in arcola tx not even 2 min from teal run and aint ridd'n ro's dick but always run into him at the gas station and at the walgreens yall say'en he stay in the mo thats how i know ya'll lyen so get the facts straight that niggas in jail right now he got pulled over wit that nigga jay ton and went to jail homeboy so quit riden niggas dicks let us niggas get our change or give me your name so i go drop you my self
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