Friday, March 04, 2005

when super saucy drops, you are going to pick that up ("punk bootleggers, man, they fuckin up my profit") because it is your official album of hot weather: crashing through puddles in spring right now, the first few days you can drive with the windows down and feel hot sun on your arm, playing all summer with the windows rolled up again for the airconditioning, hot nights in the city. it's that so so clean and shiny ultrasmooth stuff and that delusional pimp stuff. he's got a bunch of west coast veterans all over it: e-40, mac dre (rip), butch cassidy, nate dogg, richie rich, suga free. pitbull's on it, chingo bling, sorta okay dopehouse records guys, jay tee, akon (on the beautiful, boring first single), paul wall, avant.

baby bash ft. e-40 and bosco - keep it 100 -- that sparkly sped-up cd scan line squealing under everything! fat smooth hook! beeshy doubletime, wondering why girls are pulling on his zipper! e-40!

baby bash ft. richie rich, awax, russell lee - better than i can tell ya -- the only good way to hear bay area rappers, on sleepy rapturous r&b tracks. triggering grapefruit color sun thru eyelids, warm sun on face dumb bliss feeling. down to do what i gotta do to satisfy the man in me / and from the looks of things, po-pos ain't understanding me.

baby bash ft. paul wall and natalie - throwed off -- perfectly diluted what u gon do electronic roaring and filtered slippery electric guitar, bangs, they wonder if i'm drinkin alcohol or sippin on barre / they fell in love with my car, they wanna marry my cash / they fell in love with a playa cause i'm ridin with bash. (just in case: here)

hey, can you re-up that last track with paul wall?
sorry man i didn't expect 50 downloads to get eaten up so fast. i'll fix it up in a couple minutes.
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