Tuesday, March 01, 2005

thundacat/ss squad - street mix .5 --
shift up, nine nine, cham was on the grind
he ain't really have the time to deal with my bad behind
school i was real quiet, hungry for money
but whether i liked it, it's like i was on a diet
niggas would just ask 'i know cham got the cash
'and you stay fresh, i know he throwin you his stash'
yeah i would just laugh and front like he had fronted me
a hundred gs, but i was strugglin on my ass
and it got so bad me and my niggas had thoughts on blocks
with glocks and pullin them black masks
free cd from thundacat and ss squad. gotta mention that he's chamillionaire's youngest brother, but never really affiliated with the click like rasaq is ("i waited and had to sit disc after disc / what i miss, i realized that i wasn't part of the click"), only ever appeared on two color changing click mixtapes (but one of those appearances was flow over the nba on nbc theme, which a lot of people ended up hearing), got his own money and his own click. it's that quick, clever northside houston rap like cham does, talking about the coupe top is doin gymnastics or got green locked away like the celtics locker room or ain't gotta sugarcoat nothin unless it's a new drop with 22s cuttin or something something something my screens got a hangover. and minus cham's new robotic cadence but with the same precision. and sounding identical to him when he sings on those hooks. he's got original beats and flows on soldier, get your shine on, adrenaline rush (check it against the cham adrenaline rush flow with yung ro), damnit man. real album called texas tech coming in the summer.

i think you forgot this chick

hey does anybody know a way i can get in contact with "thunda cat" if so get back at me at: controversy00@gmail.com
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