Thursday, March 24, 2005

marc decoca - can't trap forever -- coming out of atlanta, west side, leaning casual against a porsche's headlight hump on his last album cover with r&b singer clothes on, talking the "atlanta like to get crunk but i stay lyrical and give em something else" talk. closing out his new album the real thang with this track, rapping carefully written and tested lines on throwback real south beat with miles of distance between snares and handclaps canopy and dark mossy forest floor, overblown r&b hook slid in, "IIIIIIIIIIIII--- I CAN'T TRAP ----- FOREVER --- IIIIIIIIIII--- I CAN'T TRAP ---- FOREVER." and grim, obvious, necessary realtalk in his slippery nasal atl accent. talking about racist cops and people that got killed trying to make a living and snitches and making real bad decisions for reasons that are unclear while wishing you could change shit, warning people that are still out there doing what he did to get ready for a change.
let me show you thru my eyes what i see
twelve pull me over just to check my i.d.
think i'd do better dead, r.i.p.
always feel like the fed out to fry me
dressed up but ain't shit changed
misunderstood, can't explain
try hard to escape this game
but i was born with the face of a black man
i'm up, i'm down, i fall
my girl won't accept my call
tried to be the man, hustle and ball
start over again now, beg and crawl
but if i ever get blessed with a son
i'ma teach him how it supposed to be done
show him how to take over the world and be strong
correct all the ways i went wrong
modern day slaves, police gon raid
pray for my black boys on the block
with the dope and the rock
while the ds got the keys to the cage

Marc DeCoca you are one of Atlanta's hardest rapppers keep ya game up whether you trap or not
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