Monday, February 07, 2005

paul wall and chamillionaire - controversy sells

paid in full held back on dropping it, pushed the release back a few weeks, it leaked and cham turned it into an unofficial bootleggers special and everyone who wanted a copy got one, it started showing up in stores. so paid in full pushed it back again so they could get on the intro, outro, interludes talking down on cham for fucking their money up. interesting concept, you get the label boss's captain of the entourage/casecatcher/hanger-on big cat explaining that you're about to hear a fake nigga, a kid that was in the studio talking about being a g when this guy was facing three attempted murder charges, a kid that was signing with universal while this guy was robbing jamaicans, getting shot at by jamaicans, a kid that fucked up their last chance to get money off him. it's explained that cham's going to get a wire in his jaw if he keeps talking shit about paid in full, continuing the new houston tradition of lengthy spoken word diss tracks (not touching rasaq's ten minute explanation on bootleggers special 1.5 of why lew hawk is a bitch). and you get big cat taunting cham before dropping a cuts from his incompleted solo album: "this song right here almost didn't make the cd, but due to increasing lawyer fees and a man tryna track me down, go ahead and put it on the cd. i bet you didn't think we was gonna use it, huh?? [evil laughter]."

they're using those amazingly fast and glossy eiffel 65 beats that no one has used since, rapping in the reflection of candy paint hood with chrome accents melting and waving in the air, the idea being that it sounds as slick and pretty as the shit they're talking about. android cham with smooth verbose hooks and twisty flow riding so efficient and polished over perfect beats. and those cham solo tracks, spitting heartfelt about alcoholic fathers and broken homes but with the same insanely optimistic, frenetic upbeats, and terrible paid in full house rappers like lew hawk filling up the rest of the time on the track.

paul, who had the chance to update his verses, taking subliminal shots at cham every chance he gets, "i'm on the road to success and i'm ready to drive / i'm in the fastlane, you still tryna catch a ride / i heard it thru the grapevine you been talking down / but you be riding my dick soon as i come around." yeah. "you think the game owe you but you ain't got a clue / if you be good to the game it be good to you." yeah. sounding odd when one of his northside "i could catch boppas if..." verses comes up against his new southside/rolling with t.i. shit.

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