Friday, February 25, 2005

pastor troy - keep on movin -- i'm not sure. at the end of face off pt 2, after everything you'd expect or kinda expect (stripclub track, the lil jon diss from a couple months ago, track about his arrest, ridin big pt 2 with updated cars ["i got that new 2005 corvette, they ain't even sellin this motherfucker yet!!"], dirty slowjam with pimpkin ken, harsh scary "in loving memory of kurt cobain" track), we come to the straight up drum n bass track. for real honest-to-god straight up jack of some volkswagen commercial cold breezy drum n bass, skitscattery drums and echoey sliced up vocal samples and breathy girl on the hook: KEEEP ON MOOOOOVIN DON'T STOP NOOOOOOOOOO. pt flowing doubletime on it, happy, those COME ON! adlibs sounding genial, talking about he kept his soul because he never went platinum or gold, "do everything that you ever dreamed / represent the home team / take care of moms, take care of pops / buy you a house, buy you a drop / might see me in a 360 givin up props to the G-O-D." i see no apparent explanation. but it sounds real pretty and appropriate during the first days of spring, creeping through giant puddles with fast shiny music drumming in your trunk (imagine this beat rumbling that f-650 through the bank of 15s under the backseat [??????]). (and the album itself is near perfect compared to by any means necessary, so many hard tracks on this and the passion and everything is back. but tiny label plus zero publicity equals not enough people know that it's supposed to come out next week).

Whoa this is weird and fucking great.
DEUTERONOMY 5:11 " Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. "
do we blame outkast or what? kinda nice, regardless.
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