Wednesday, February 09, 2005

no seriously new Will Smith album guys seriously: Lost & Found, out in April. Maybe it's just because I've been listening to He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper a lot lately (I'm pretty sure it was the first rap album I ever heard, too, my cousin Mark had it), but I'm kind of interested in this (although that's a misnomer because the Will Smith records don't resemble any Fresh Prince records besides sometimes "Summertime"). Reasons to care: first single/video "Switch" is produced by Kwame, who's the greatest producer in the world right now based on the 2 records he did last year. It's ok, I guess it's going for a dancehall thing (Elephant Man rmx coming) but the tempo and the claps remind me of B Rich "Whoa Now". People are gonna hate it. But there's also multiple Jazzy Jeff productions on the album, and Will's been doing a bunch of tracks with Petey Pablo. Plus Kanye and Snoop and Luda and so on. Some quotes from Will from a Philly radio interview:

This is my 9th album and its like i feel im saying more things than i've ever said before... im saying stuff that i've kinda avoided sayin in the past... theres things about my divorce and things about what fame does ..i never say that stuff so i feel like its a real slice of me ..i have a friend she went holy roller so i have a record "miss holy roller" which talks about the dangers of that kind of aggressive religious fundamentalism yeah we got a couple of party records ive worked with petey...

people are gonna be very surprised i went some places i never gone with my music before ..theres a record you know eminem dissed me on his record people are used to me not respondin to that kind of thing its just a little somethin its not too much its a record called mr nice guy

can't say I'll be checking for this record but Brand New Funk and Touch of Jazz are still choice cuts to this day. the production lineup looks promising, but going on your description of the lead single it sounds like a skipper. funny you should mention B Rich, I just posted a recent track of his, All In Together, on weapon-shaped.
Funny, I just bought a reissue 12" press of "Summertime," Will's last grasp at hip hop respect before going mega mainstream and corny, which I always regretted not buying when it came out but couldn't bring myself to pay $25+ on ebay for.
Will Smith is dead to me after that Rock the Casbah joint. And what's that "Hitch" bullshit?! Dude plays Ali and then dumps some buddy flick with the King of Queens--trifling.
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