Monday, February 14, 2005

luch millions ft. crime mob - be about it -- eastside ambassador, mayor of decatur, relatively old single but he's been pumping them out rapid lately, clicking up with trillville, lil jon, lil scrappy's g's up click, 334 mobb. "m-o-b- in this motherfucker, crime mob!" with standard spooky chimes, bells, rough keyboard loop curling around, and that fucking pounding bass, controlled cannon blasts under everything. and luch basically explaining himself again, explaining that he will split your head wide open, hook explaining that you need to stop talking about it and start being about it, and, inevitably, princess and diamond, voices cutting through, stealing shit again, partly with novelty, okay, mostly from being rawer and more convincing than their too benign and ungainly partners in tall tees and unlaced filas, shoes not fit for stomping heads in.

the replacementz ft. t.i. and big kuntry - in the trunk -- slow slow stuttering stammering snapping drums turned up to almost little blasts of white noise, TCHHHHH TCHHHHHH TCHHHHHHHH "what we do, put his ass in the trunk!," tip of the iceberg with the giant mass hidden under the surface, in the trunk, even. "gotta search us cause we keep our waists lookin like toolboxes / two of them tucked handy, another one in my hand and-- / but what? -- BUTBESTBELIEVEWETHROWHANDSWHENTHEMOTHERFUCKERSGETTOJAMMIN": juice repping for chicago hometown with the flow, ascending at half speed and then coming down with lines, words mashed against each other. t.i. enters and the beat quiets and he introduces grand hustle/p$c and raps with the drums spinning around him, taking another step toward the new zeroflaws zeropassion superrapper perfection mode, explaining exactly that as he's interrupted by kuntry, "let me take my crowwwwwwnnnnn and i never been a clowwwwwwwn," more step yo game up moments ("i'm heavy in the game but not because of my size").

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