Tuesday, February 22, 2005

lil weavah - gangsta -- "i ain't playin no gangsta out here shawty. for what? i been in these streets my whole life, no sense in playing no character now." while home team heads over 10k sold, this is starting to get on the radio and it's ready for his next underground. it's the boring update track for people that aren't familiar with the story yet, explaining that he's in the streets but not compromised. he's flipping that i-ain't-a-rapper nonsense. he's a rapper but he can fuck with the people who are respected in the game and making real money, showing them real love by explaining what a real gangsta is. he's not paying them a fee to spit their life stories and not get chains taken. coming again with the deliberate flow as before over the same slow and plain sorta beat he loves, studied lyrical southerner read-along thing from t.i., jabbering background adlibs under the whole track, young and nasal, "straight from atlanta's southwest, i set no barriers / one reason to like me shawty, i play no characters."

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