Monday, February 07, 2005

chamillionaire, paul wall, 50/50 twin, slim thug - batter up freestyle -- that beat sounds so beautiful, delicate slowed down, with the little bleeps and bloops winking in there and everything, and paul/cham comes with clever/retarded lines (get more green than a leprechaun in a grass house??? BUT: mouth glassy, lookin like i swallowed a mirror / gotta brush my teeth with windex to see my ice more clearer / ice got my lip numb, feel like i lost my lip / i don't drink and drive, chamillion only park and sip) and 50/50 holds it down in the middle (if anyone has a rule to tell between the three [?] 50/50s in houston, i'd like to hear it-- one's in prison, one raps like juelz santana and this one used to be in the color changing click? or can two of those be combined?) and slim thug, after seven minutes, gets to tear it down on the end (BATTER UP, I'M BOUT TO HUSH ALL THAT CHATTER UP SIX DEEP IN MY TRUCK WITH THE DRANK UP IN MY CUP DON'T GIVE A FUCK SEE WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT I DO YOU CAN'T FUCK WITH MY CREW WE'LL CUT YOU BOYS IN TWO).

nice beat choice. the secret best Country Grammar single!
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