Monday, February 07, 2005

c-murder ft. bg - heard of me -- cold, cold, get up to put on another shirt and turn off the light, played over and over again, midnight, sunday night. with the updated slow spooky keyboards and the roaring choir sample backgrounded and the bathroom reverberation on c-murder verse, rapping in a tiny cold room, rapping quiet, at the point where your vocal cords slow down and half of the word is being pushed by air, and recorded without him having the beat, detached, "now all yall done heard of me now i'm c-murder i done done things yall aint never heard of... i'm willin to die for mine i'm willin to die for mine." talking his verse with the end of the lines very very carefully drawn out, gingerly and nonspecifically drifting from chilling with fiends to robbing blocks, filling graveyards, "i spit that gangsta rap, forget that hip-hop." and bg, usually, in contrast, sounding like he's talking through his guest verse, but now riding with the beat under him, this lil hustler quick to draw and split ya or cut ya throatthis lil hustler quick to handle his business and quick to creep
this lil hustler aint bout coppin no plea or squashin no beef
this lil hustler keep a .40 up on him with an extension
this lil hustler'll steel ya even when you payin attention
i'm an uptown gangsta, v.l. don
when i die burying me with girbauds and a t-shirt on

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