Thursday, February 17, 2005

50 cent - the ski mask way -- brand new 50! wait, though. it's real important. even with clue shouting over it! even though you're going to hear it until you're sick of it! i'll give you a second.


you wanna spray at me, go head
the last next nigga that tried
got hit, keeled over and bleed til he died
your lil sister callin you stupid
reason why, her and your mama in the livingroom now
i came up with two new ways to get rich, i can't wait
got a brand new sig and that ol .38
i been schemin to put a lil bread on my plate
watchin dread serve skunk through the hole in the gate
i stick a nigga for his something, sell em back the next day
you thought i really wanted your pussy? bitch please
this is stash house jackpot, there go them keys
my black g-unit hoodie just reek of marijuana
cocaine comin out my pores in the sauna
i'm serious mannn i'm so sincere
this the flow that fucked up jeffrey's career.

something special here. coming way too hard, believable and old fashioned, harder than you've heard in the last three years, not just lazily getting his dick sucked in a shiny blouse-- fucking murdering people, your sister and mother hogtied in the living room. get mine the fast way, ski mask way. but beyond that, one of those mixtape short stories, one of those corner bodega/gun runner miniatures expanded, shading under the eyes, wrinkles in forehead and around corners of lips. and rocking on thick ol real nyc beat, sounding like it's from one of those credible underground producers they use for g-unit stuff, mixtape stuff.

who's that peepin in my window??? woooowww
the feds on me now
they know when i'm sleepin, they know when i wake
i know they got my phone tapped, i'm screamin fuck jake
i'm trying to stay out them pens, so i switch states
bad news v.a. now that sound great
i see niggas with that ice on, rims shined up
this town's one big pussy waitin to get fucked
i holla at a.i. peoples to get gats
they charge me five hundred apiece for two macs
then i'm back doin me, i'm back out on a spree
catch me a nigga slippin out pumpin that d
get me a crack, i'll have em pumpin for me
the more product it take, the more paper we see
change my name in n.y. they don't know where i be
yeah a nigga doin dirt, but a nigga low key

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