Wednesday, August 24, 2005

trae ft. mya - only a matter of time vs. z-ro ft. ashanti - first time again -- trae... mya... kinda tragic when getting mya on a track is a big deal! major selling point of the new underground! list: MYA... z-ro, lil b, jay'ton, paul wall, yung redd. on a beat with the wrapped tight strings and trae flipping, calling out mya's name every little while so you can keep it in mind, "mya, huh!" or "plus the baddest lady mya to help a g get in the zone" or "cause i'ma ride or die with mya"! trae rasping out about southern gangstas and a thin voice singing a me and my girlfriend 05 verse afterwards. ro... ashanti... i don't know if you remember the hate and confusion on z-ro doing a track with ashanti, a product of the irv gotti/j.prince relationship. everyone is sentimental about ro. if you ever bought and listened to a ro album, you've gotta feel sentimental. the whole package, not just emotional, how he does business and who he does it with. but that was the first track on let the truth be told that i kept really playing. perfect track, ro the asshole, the man that can't trust anybody in the world, getting vulnerable in a completely different direction than usual, "it's picture perfect, you and me together / of course i'm concerned if you don't come home / long as you call me and let me know you alright / i'ma stay offa your phone," sounding healed and happy after you heard him talking for as long as you've known him about, you know, the type of shit i barely feel comfortable quoting... "if a nigga take me out, it's all good / cause i been fienin to leave / my life is fucked up and i'm tired of having a dream to achieve." talking about falling in love with the same conviction and plausibility as the billion lines about not being able to trust a single soul in the world, liquor drowning out the vision of his casket! ashanti sounding distant and disconnected, sort of just another segment of that squirming bubbling beautiful music underneath everything.

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