Tuesday, August 16, 2005

trae ft. h.a.w.k. and fat pat - swang -- "invisible set display everytime they catchin me grinnin / off in they face, ain't too much they can do to a g." trae following the law about dropping the s.u.c. sample track before he tries to make a run at going big. ready to pick up where ro fell off while he was fucking with ashanti, getting hired as a professional shit talker for flip, getting into endless drama with j prince, taking his rap-a-lot piece off and on and off and on (latest update is that he's wearing it again). trae ready to drop his LATER DAYS underground in the first few weeks of september. ready to drop the southern smoke special edition RETURN OF THE STREETS mix with dj smallz out of nowhere. the real album RESTLESS dropping god knows when but about to be another classic. leaking the single off it before anything else. "swang and i swang and i swang to the left," taking pat's voice out of that classic track, dmd and keke and pat, "twenty five lighters on my dresser yessuh i gots to get paid." showing respect by writing FAT PAT across the title alongside h.a.w.k.'s, giving credit. instead of making the sample vibrant and raw like salih, mr. rogers out of b.h.o. doing pat's voice dusty and posthumous sounding like it should, letting it lay over slow spacey houston music, respectful. matching up against trae's clean rasp, flipping line after line with those carefully matched and balanced rhymes, filling that swangin down h-town track full of hollowtips and shoulder holsters. following salih's advice about letting a s.u.c. rapper get on the track after you sample a classic verse from the click, letting h.a.w.k. get the middle verse with the pat eulogy with his loping undulating flow, referencing keke classics, tipping down blue over grey with a screw tape on, calling for the release of corey blount (pat's boy that always gets shouted out every time pat shouted anyone out, the man that robbed weasel with snoop to inadvertently trigger pat's shooting).

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