Wednesday, August 24, 2005


if you heard the story, you know fat pat getting smoked by weasel's goons wasn't as simple as pat wanting money for a bootlegged concert. pat brought screw and his team, e.s.g., pokey, moe, shorty mack, al-d, everyone, up to austin as a favor to his friend weasel. after weasel started selling his own tape of the show, pat calls him up and asks about getting some payment. hearsay and conjecture: some of pat's partners robbed a stash house that weasel ran. weasel comes down to where pat stays on the southside and tells him he's got no money but if pat was to hook him up with some bricks, he'd be able to flip them real quick and get pat more than enough cash. pat's partners snoop and corey blount realize weasel probably has the cash on him that he intended to spend on pat's bricks, and they grab pat's suburban, flag down weasel, jack him. weasel gives up the cash and heads over to an apartment owned by a friend, calls pat over, telling him he got the cash, waits for pat to knock and step inside, shoots him down. and this is the concert that weasel put together with pat's help.

if you call the shop right now, they'll tell you screw never ever sold his own tape of the concert. they'll tell you there's absolutely no plans to ever drop it (but, they were quick to add, they just dropped MONEY BY THE TON, SITTIN SIDEWAYZ ["we got the real sittin sidewayz. they tryna drop it but we got the real!"], and EVERYDAY ALL DAY). but there are lots of claims to the contrary, people talking about screw sold it as THE CONCERT, right on grey maxell like every other tape-- until pat got killed and, i guess, all mention of it was discouraged. formatted so that one side is slowed down, with the fat pat songs cut to make space, and the other side is regular speed with the pat songs left intact.

so, dessau music hall, start of january, the whole team rolling north in a convoy of suburbans and expeditions. start off with moe and poke flowing over if i ruled the world, cause the only thing screw loves more than c-bo and phil collins is that whodini beat. moe's voice as clean and deep as anytime, hitting everything perfect, right speed, sounds like it's off a record, improvising hooks while e.s.g. and poke lead the crowd. e.s.g. breaking in, "say, moe, you remember back in 9-4... when a nigga went to jail?"
"i remember, baby."
"remember that shit we used to be kickin on the block?"
"swangin and bangin, baby."
"say, screw, why don't you crank up some of that oooooolllldschool shit!" and the intro to sailin da south drops, e.s.g. running fast thru all his hits, the crowd singing every word, "scra-scra-scra-scream if you know that dick hurts." vibing with the swangin and bangin beat underneath, shoutouts to austin and all the girls that suck dick and want to chill at the days inn afterparty, breaking into messy, loud freestyles with pokey. the s.u.c. headliners eventually ceding the stage to al-d and shorty mack and a.c.t. before you hear pat hit the stage and screw puts on the juicy instrumental. flowing with that big swagger, keeping everyone else off the stage, while he flies thru body roc over juicy, stops and restarts without a beat, 3rd coast born, tops drop, jammin screw. intermission for screw to move some tapes.

and side 2 is where it gets good, breaking down into a freestyle session with everyone in austin getting on the microphone with moe and e.s.g. and poke. no name hood stars talking about coming down delta 88 and pop trunk. e.s.g. getting more fucked up and more belligerent as the show goes on, moving from calling out the girls at the bar ("big girl there with the damn fingerwave / do you wanna fuck?? / girl wassup, do you wanna make about two hundred bucks? / do you wanna fuck??") to interrupting all the local flows, just coming in over them: "if you ain't tight leave the mic afuckinglone / cause i'ma shoot this like the goddamn chrome / straight in a rage, niggas get paid / if you can't rap GET THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE / I'M THE REAL NIGGA / I'M SO TIGHT / I'LL OUTFLOW ANY NIGGA HERE TONIGHT!" crowd going wild while this girl flows, "no, not that damn mia x or that hoe lil kim / it's big nicky, come from 2-3 glen ridge / got my posse right here, i'm finsta straight wreck it / comin thru WHAT austintown straight plexin / leavin yellabone grilled out niggas sick." and e.s.g. jumps in, "the nigga took the mic, she rappin too much," crowd gets even wilder, "she need to get some ass before she come on my cut / because i be a pimp, i like to hit switches / i never fuck around with no tall skinny bitches."

and the locals stealing mics after they get kicked off the stage-- the host coming up on stage to say, "HOL UP, EVERYBODY OFF THE STAGE IF YOU AIN'T BIG POKEY, FAT PAT, MOE, E.S.G.--... SOMEBODY GOT A MIC! WHO GOT A MIC OUT THERE?" e.s.g. jumping in over his lecture, "it's late night, niggas wanna rap so they ass stealin mics / come on the stage and get it for yourself / cause stealin microphones, bitch, is bad for your health," talking shit to girls at the bar again, "over there in the corner / i'm a superstar / met a big yellabone in the back by the bar / now i'ma act a fool, i'm from the oldschool / now me and pat longdick her like we shoot pool / run a fuckin train." pat breaking in and going back and forth with ke, the quintessential s.u.c. duo (keke has never been the same since), with e.s.g. and moe and poke (if the austin concert can really be considered a screw tape, this was the only time big pokey and fat pat were ever on a tape together!) that classic s.u.c. lineup, all four of the s.u.c. freestyle stars going back and forth while screw mixes in the friends beat (whodini! see?), pat dropping more chilling weasel shoutouts ("i done flipped the game, put blades on a diesel / got real live with my nigga fuckin weasel"). the whole tape worth it just for that team flow. (name any rap click or label that had as much talent as the s.u.c.-- shoot, just those four, and screw himself, z-ro, lil o, mr. 3-2, point blank, grace, wood, lil flip, mike d, big steve, h.a.w.k., al-d, randy, shorty mack....)

breaking down to an abrupt ending, the host getting back up onstage to break up the close-out hood star session, pleading with the crowd for the return of the stolen microphones while keke invites everyone back to the days inn: "EVERYBODY CROWDIN THE MIC JUST QUIT THANGS, IT'S TIME TO GO ANYWAYS!"
"we got a party at the days inn, mayne!"
"days inn!"
"third floor!"
"third floor days inn!"
"DAYS INN THIRD FLOor it's goin down everybody gettin naked!!"
"eastside, 306 days inn."
"somebody got a motherfuckin mic and it just ain't right... days inn... days inn, baby."
"days inn, baby."

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