Sunday, June 26, 2005

the swishahouse paul wall mixtape

gotta get it all out cause i'm not even trying to fuck with the real cd when it drops. last time paul wall is ever going to get his own sentence in anything i write. you gotta remember back, first. goofy white kid in kneelength jerseys or platinum fubu, back when he still had braids, back when he was still acres home proud and not even fucking with the southside, let alone shout out southside blocks instead of northside ones in his videos. proudly representing the northside when the southside wasn't even fucking with the north and no northsider ever got on a screw tape (whatever, not totally true-- just listen to ballin in da mall. but it's a no-name never-did-nothing rapper who gets a quick verse and the whole situation is so unusual that he even says, "i'm from the northside so call me the oddball"). chilling with chamillionaire, when he still worked at babies r us. getting inspired doing promotion for the big southern independent labels and the first watts tapes dropping on the north.

remember when paul and cham were rocking spongebob watches from burger king (check his wrist in the picture at the top), snoopy and daffy duck iceberg oversize t's. cham was rolling out in candy painted mazda 929s with screens falling and paul has his purple people eater, the grimace purple cartier edition town car with pop trunk taking mouthfuls of warm night air as they swung down desoto.

they were off the north so there was less pressure to fuck with the houston legacy, that long history lesson. in the city of aging veterans and too much history, too many legends still trying to eat off rap into their early 40s. and the neighborhood stars in polos and jordans. real different. nothing like fat pat dropping out of highschool to sell dope and getting put on sorta by raw talent and sorta by luck, chance. clean cut! paul and cham weren't even cussing on their records so that everyone could jam them. nerdy and clever cats. putting all their energy into that rap hustle. you had to love that pride in staying independent, erasing answering machine messages from new york labels and bragging on how much they got to do a show and how much they sold with just straight hustle. that don't grind/don't shine philosophy was real, when rappers trying to apply dope boy lines to all the people listening that do 9-5s ("when i say you got to hold the block with a glock and put some boys inside chalk... it means you got to just persevere and keep hustling at whatever your hustle is...") that northside hard work rhetoric was motivational for real.

that slow, cool delivery. real simple but it all worked. trying some up north punchlines but always representing houston, when nowadays you hear a newcomer like magno calling a track something like "glassy 84s" or "5th wheel dippin" but with his style switched over to fake joe budden lines about dudes with bad breath and guerilla black's record sales in brooklyn. trying to update that surreal southside rap, hearing about flip's paintjobs as red and wet as maxi pads or yungstar's candy painted plane that just crashed in spain. he had his trademark lines: mouth got more carats than (bug's bunny's lunch/fridge, vegetable stew, etc.)... could catch boppas if (i drove a hyundai excel, i looked like eddie munster)... got more (screw in the deck than tim the tool man, chains than slave masters [you think that's bad? remember his line about his bumper kit dragging like james byrd?], white shoes than a registered nurse, green than a grasshopper in greenspoint eatin broccoli)... paint wetter than (a crocodile's home, a submarine).

that change, eventually. moving to the southside and shouting 5-9 southlea in the videos. and forsaking his relationship with cham to conveniently jump back to swishahouse right before watts got a few million dollar checks. now paul rolls strictly with atl moneymakers, new york clowns and his hired goons (but listen, when it came time to put hands on rasaq, gu-u and lew hawk were too sluggish from eating off rap money for so many years that rasaq walks out of the tilt without a bruise or a scratch-- paul's boys can't rap and they can't fight).

the change. this overexcited repping for houston, first. paul, you sip barre now? you ride 84s now? you been jamming grey tapes since you were in junior high now? you cool with z-ro and big po-yo and rap-a-lot now? dropping his slopped up slowed down albums, pimping robert davis worse than watts ever did. jam that u gotta feel me by pauly and you can picture dj screw spinning very slowly in his casket.

second, that thing where he thinks he's alright to start talking about coke and guns now. listening to those t.i. albums and seeing rappers get gangsta when they blow up out of houston. paul? scared to cuss and now you hang with those 5-9 bloods? you stay with a semi-auto now? you want to go there now?

just making you wonder if you really want another northside houston rapper coming real slick and polished, slippery smooth version of the city history. the city that lets the moneymakers eclipse the real more than any other. making you wonder if a label can even push paul out the most marketed region in rap right now. after mike jones shipped platinum and slim thug has his business in place. fixing to look like j-kwon dropping after nelly and chingy, maybe.

you know what sort of cd this is. get you primed, give you a taste and some nice mixtape exclusive type tracks. get thru the beautiful computer graphics packaging with the digital cadillac with the belted trunk and the 5th, paul shrugging with the swishahouse piece on his long chain, ads for paul's last album with his squinty eyes and oversize diamond mouth and the day hell broke loose 3 dropping in the fall, saying the next single is going to be called state 2 state.

opening with watts' voice: that classic "this is deeeee jayyyy miii-chael waaaaaaaaaaatts," slowing and chopping his voice as it comes out his own throat without the aid of a tape deck. then playing out the big single, sittin sidewayz with new paul verses. still quietly loving all these sticky slow salih williams beats that every swishahouse rapper takes to the national market and still quietly waiting for the havoc/mike delorean/lake mournful qb freestyle over one of them. still loving po-yo in that sittin sidewayz video, walking across the parking lot with the crowd blossoming hands around him and stealing the track, those veterans always effortlessly sounding realer than paul and his southlea more cookies than snackwells lines. "i'm the dude with the metal that get hot as a kettle / for messin round with some cat that ain't got it together"

and actually tearing up the jeezy's twenty thousand dollar mannie beat on the then what flow, actually biting the snowman thing, "i'm like frosty, iced out platinum frown." coming with all the balla quotables better than jeezy did, even throwin in the "i could catch boppas if" line, "i'm with slim thug the boss, posted up in the cut / i could catch boppas if i drove a fed ex truck / take a fade on my head, i got reebok on my shoe / i'm at the mu-shu with gu showin broads what it do / holla rest in peace duke while i pour out drank / wax on candy paint and my gas full tank." and letting coota bang, the young cat watts brought in to replace magno after he got out of line, come down and meet archie lee, the second generation swishahouse representer that slightly predates paul and cham in the camp, one of the coldest that the house ever had and freshly re-signed (according to the back of my cd and what he says on the track, he's got an underground called hollyhood dropping soon-- probably after watts deals with aqualeo and coota bang). and letting you really check out how similar coota and archie actually are and you never realized it. and a hundred more ninety second flows.

watts playing you half minute snippets of unimportant paul guest verses, anthem from the s.l.a.b. album, that fucking juelz song that i managed never to hear before still got the echoed kay slay shouts on it, like watts slapped on a bootleg mp3)(goddamn juelz is trash), from the south (paul actually kills that song alongside a couple legends. while z-ro's on his usual g shit and flip is trying to start some more beef out of nowhere, paul is actually going along with the concept and repping for candy cars, cup of barre, and a robert davis grey tape [see, paul's more enthusiastic about that shit than he should be. ro and flip were actually on grey tapes before paul was suggesting he could catch boppas even if he had prostate cancer]).

flowing off gimme dat with uncomfortable, questionable verse about his hormones going crazy and oceans of soul and he wants to swim in her oasis, worse than the fake bun verse about stalking that girl he met at the superbowl. flowing off get in my car with that new cold, dispassionate feeling, walking out on stage for some jenny jones super geek to super chic makeover with his dishonest talk about v12 mercedes and cases of grey goose. flowing off get back for a tribute track to bad boy, the official barbershop of swishahouse, with clippers buzzing in the background and shout outs to his favorite barbers. flowing off g-code (the scarface one) about staying strapped in the club like a seatbelt but also his enthusiastic hometown stuff that i love, "from the streets of h-town, home of the purple / bulldozin over potholes and jumpin over hurdles / jammin on the screw, screens fallin down, on swangas / on a glass set of 4s, trunk poppin like some pringles / reppin for that block, 5900 southlea / chain hangin down with a iced out mouthpiece," and another bullshit bun b verse like the other 30 you already heard in the last six months, and webbie with some serious struggling verse about feeding his son that clashes with the paul and bun's slick nonsense. going off with lil wayne on march like a soldier. drove up to paul's studio from the u of h, hermes winterwear/hollygrove weezy verse sketched out in black bic over and beside the notes from his political science lecture.

you know, it's goofy shit. paul wall trying to remake himself as a southside g, talking about heckler & koch and crack sales but bumping up against his own tracks about "i'm comin straight up outta the chatroom / and live from the messageboard / when i'm at the crib all by myself / chatting online when i'm bored" and sweating blackplanet girls ("if she don't call me, it's okay / i hit up sexyeyes02, a sophomore at tsu / she run track, that's what it do"). (thinking about that... i've got respect for mike jones for never really messing with what he was doing. he's been consistent since he came in the game and got down with the house. that's why he shipped platinum. look: lil flip got his career ended because he tried to play a character, because he was under the impression that he couldn't talk about ice no more [that was the least promising line, ever. explaining that his intention was to abandon his most crucial subject matter to devote more time to his least crucial, least successful subject matter]. look: bun b is destroying his credibility by selling a billion bullshit verses to anyone who wants a 16 with at least one instance of "candy paint" being rhymed with "purple drank" as a shallow accessory. i went out and bought the mike jones album mostly out of respect. he did his thing! he's going to sell a million records in a year off a video and his hustle). one of those mixtapes with almost nothing running over two minute, everything just sliding past as soon as it appears. repeating AUGUST 2005 IT'S THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP AUGUST 2005 AUGUST 2005 IT'S THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP AUGUST 2005 AUGUST 2005 IT'S THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP AUGUST 2005 AUGUST 2005 IT'S THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP AUGUST 2005 so you can't forget.

(mixtape in stores since last week. give your money to watts and maybe he can get the archie lee album out faster).

duuuuuude youre my man and all but this is a bit much. especially this line right here:

"after mike jones shipped platinum and slim thug has his business in place. fixing to look like j-kwon dropping after nelly and chingy, maybe."

thankfully you added the maybe. cuz that is not true bro. and paul lives on south lea, on the southside now. sorry if the dude moved. should i change the name of my blog to eriesoreal? i moved here from pennsylvania in 1989. should i just still rep erie all day? and paul still reps the north man, come on man... this is just a bit much...
i meant the j-kwon thing in a business way. it's hard to push three rappers with a similar flow, same label, same city. that's all it was.

i know paul moved to the southside a couple years ago. he should go ahead and shout 5900 block and everything.

it feels like paul is kind of taking the southside history and style and turning it into a novelty thing, though. i sort of can't respect taking the funny, palatable parts of the shit, like slow music and prometh, and taking it nationwide to get that up north money, white people money.

doing stuff like getting po-yo in the video looks sort of like he's paying them a little settlement, head off any criticism. (it's kind of funny that z-ro is co-signing paul like he is. paul talked about learning to slow and everything from watts, and he's on 106&park talking about watts saying he's the "don of screwed music" or whatever, and ro's album is still going to say 'screwed and chopped.')

i'm not even mad at paul for switching up his style. everyone has to do that, especially taking it from undergrounds to doing albums. i was looking forward to hearing paul switch it up and come with some different content, do some realer tracks. but goddamn, i don't need to hear him talking about strapped in the club like a seatbelt or popping guns or shipping bricks.

from what i know, that ain't paul. there are lots of colder rappers that come from a realer place on the g shit. there are rappers that were never street dudes that can do the gutter shit and pull it off but paul's not one of them.

and that's cool, cause paul's got a real story that he could tell.
I feel what you saying, Paul is trying to harden his lyrics and do away with some of his most trademark lyrics. Its pretty much something you just have to deal with. When Mike was underground, he was saying trademark shit that everybody could relate to, but Paul Wall lines were so Houston based, people from other areas might've been turned off by the signature houston shit, I'm guessing that was what he was thinkin. I think the album'll do good though, because sittin sidewayz is jammin. Your're right though, especially about the questionable lines on choppin em up 9, and what you said about Bun B sellin his soul too....
Yeah I mean I see your point and a lot of people echo that sentiment, but thing about Paul is he is one of the few rappers out here who can fuck with everybody, north or south, which I like. I mean, it's wild to hear some of the younger SUC guys (the only ones who really ever say Fuck Swishahouse besides I guess that moment from Zro) say Fuck Swishahouse except Paul he cool. I don't totally get it, but whatever. He's a decent ambassador.

To be honest I am worried about all these fools man. I mean, talking about him coming out after Mike and Slim (who the hell even knows when they will get it together and release Slim?), shit, I am more worried about all the other cats who won't come out this summer cuz the Houston allure is gonna die at some point man and some of these cats are gonna be fucked. I been telling them all that shit for a while, but shit man, they don't listen they just keep doing mixtapes and fucking around. Its fucking annoying.

I used to think I knew who was going to make the crowning new generation of Houston record, now I am not so sure. I'm just praying soemone really does it and makes a quality album that will stand the test of time.

Who do you think will do it? I'm just hoping its someone.

That being said a lot of Houston albums stand the test of time for me, but I'm talking on the grand scale.

And I guess I just took offense to the J Kwon and Chingy thing cuz I hate them and they make me want to puke...

That being said, Bun B's album is shaping up to be incredible.
oh man, i'm glad to hear that about bun's album. i hadn't heard anything at all about it, how it was going to sound or anything. i just can't imagine bun doing solo albums. he sort of made it sound like pimp controlled a lot of the album making process, so i though that might fuck him up. it's still hard to imagine. i was sort of hating on bun but i want real bad for his solo to be amazing.

i don't think that houston allure is going to really disappear now, man. houston might not push a few platinum rappers out a year but it's not going to be like before with just the occasional wanna be a balla or way we ball.

crowning new generation of houston record, i don't know. i don't know if i should keep hoping for z-ro to come with the new classic. i don't know.... i wish more people would have heard the last e.s.g. album, i wish that would have gotten out on a national level cause it's a damn classic to me. i'd pure more money on any of your predictions before mine. you've got a better view of what's going on behind the scenes.

what do you know about face's album right now? is it just a title and a date right now or has he got tracks for it?

and, man, chingy is straight to me. i jammed his last cd more than a couple times. it's some pop rap type music but i like the way he does it. he still got david banner and bun and flip and wayne on tracks. and, jkwon, i can't even remember off the top of my head what that song was called. some shit about "where the waitress at with our drinks?"
yooo bun just started on his record and i believe face just did as well. my wish is that face would do a live album but we shall see, full band and all, that would be the move. believe me when i say his band is not the typical hip hop band at all.

and zro man, he'd be my hope as well, trae too, but its hard. and yes esg needs that push as well. but man, some of these folks just need to buy a van and hit the road and spread the gospel outside their territory. wouldnt be hard at all for them to drive across canada, they have money, but shit, they will never do that, why? cuz the syrup is here and they dont know where to get it out there. maybe they could go to canada and get hooked onover the counter ac&c's, I dont know but the drugs are holding these fools back a bit i think man.maybe not i could be wrong, but man these boys need to get the fuck out of this region and blow up instead of waiting for someone to make them blow up.
what did dre say on the show?

"it's all entertainment"
i don't think anyone thinks paul wall is a thug. i don't think he wants you to think he is. and he's just trying to get paper by associating with that whole camp. you didn't knock mj's hustle, why are you knocking paul's?

regardless, i've been talked out of even DLing that mixtape.
I really feel you on Bun, because he has the potential to really have that standout album, but he's blowing his load with all these guest verses. it's like, that is the formula for a Houston song--get Bun on the first single, pay respecct to Screw, and lots of cars in the video. And as far as Paul reppin' the southside, that's whatever, because those cats don't even have that kind of differentiation anymore about the North and the South. Cuz who is reppin' for the South anyway right now? Z-Ro, please. He might could if he'd leave the drugs alone long enough to remember where he is half the time. And don't get me wrong, i love Z-Ro, but the drugs, man. Y'all are right, that lean sucks the life out of them...
btw, i really enjoy your site...the descriptions of the music are quite visual, accurate, and inspiring. don't get mad if i bite...
I have no idea what your could you explain that in regular english PLEASE THANX



yeah paul wall is from southlea nigga, cuz I'm from there nigga and yeah we beat up chamillonaire's brother rasaq because they was beefing with paul wall and yeah on southlea dat's a no no and we handle nigga's . we all got grills and tats on our face,so holla at us baby ,know what I'm talking bout
and another reason is chamillionaire is hating because he can't come to the southside better yet southlea he'll get killed are jacked . so as far as chamillionaire goes fuck you, and ask yo brother how his eye feel
because he was crying in the club when we jumped him .our hood is
SouthBank tx. [southlea blk] 5900
we down with paul till da day we fall. and we didn't want yo chain anyway punk. paul wall make um bitch
the CHAMILLITARY will BAREY 59 southlea after
f**king their hoes and jacking their spokes (5900 block where the cars gonna sit on blocks)Chamillitary gone do em bad like Osoma and the towers. the real chamill will rise and the fake paul will fall.
CHAMILLITARY IS NATION WIDE southlea is Southbank TX. RASAQ would beat paul bitch ass ya heard me. Chamillion taught paul how to rap, fuck paulball lick.
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