Thursday, December 09, 2004

Immortal Technique MOVIE!

Does anyone have anymore info on this? I fell out the I-Tech loop recently, had no idea he teamed up with Rosario Dawson to make a movie - if there's ANYONE who deserves to keep it rilla boriquastyle and hit that shit up with a NAHRSTY attack, it's Immortal Technique. Rosario was great as Naturelle in 25th Hour but truth be told she been akkin all nouveau-riche and bougie ever since she lost her naps in Kids and went all stringy-haired for her new sophistimacated urbane roles. Yo Tech practice what you preach, fuck that bitch while she pregnant and bust a nut on her kid!


1. You Never Know
2. Dance With The Devil
3. The Rebel (freestyle)
4. Obnoxious
5. Peruvian Cocaine

Yeah yeah I know Tech is Cuban but I like to think of him as PR
Basically it's a remake of an old flick called 'Medium Cool' which inserted actors in real revolutionary activites in the late 60's and filmed it.

'This Revolution' actually shot some 'footage' of Rosario really getting arrested at the GOIP Convention that just happened in NYC.

I can already hear the Sundance audience cheering for Tech scenes.
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