Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Diesel Truckers - "Serve Em A Sentence"

It's about crime and punishment - mess around and get orange jumpsuited for life, you gotta pay the price. Kutmasta Kurt returns to top aggro form and finds his ROLLICK for this one, a big undulato rollercoaster beat with a shiny 'brain shiver' whoosh-accent that is all momentum wallop combo #5. First verse is so so damn elegant and underrated wrystyle imperial Motion Man, he actually throws up some good ideas for a vigilante justice utopia - child kidnappers get captured, CLONED, and then kidnapped and molested by their clone (this is a great idea) - but then Keith comes in and flips it and injects some bizarre cautionary policestate horror shit, just to toy with your comfort zone ('**CURFEW ** everybody go home at two in the afternoon') right after the sensible "murder an elderly lady you die in gass rooom". Justice is a dodgy animal, it's true. Hey, I wonder why my dear grammama died this week, right before John Peel did; I wonder why I'm crying thug tears when I think about how she used to dip Ritz crackers into coffee for me before school and I'd placebothink that into a BUZZ. I miss u gramamabear, I won't be afraid. Diesel Truckers is the best Kurt/Keith album since Masters Of Illusion, btw, and I'll post up my interview with them for my magazine job in a minute.

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