Saturday, August 21, 2004

Theodore Unit - Be My Girl

I like to pretend I'm the girl being addressed in the song. I've never been with a black guy but Solomon Childs makes it sound like sunshine, churros and summerstyle bliss of the jauntiest order, forever. He starts by rapping in gentlemanly, cadenced prods, like you can see his face gently pushing forth, pulling back, all respect, getting to know me, what my interests are. He wants me to know how happy my friends and family will be. The glorious joyhumming whistly side-to-siding beat smells like old carpets and light fixtures and not giving a fuck about that material bullshit. The problem is that when he's talking about what drinks I drink in the second verse, he sounds like he wants me to be Puerto Rican, which could be difficult to pull off.

Oh, and the sample-snatch-as-tag-lyric on this song is one of the year's two best, the other being the "by your side" snatch used on Jadakiss's "By Your Side".

Another thing - I've been out the loop for a bit - who is this wonderful swolla person on the team?
hey wha a gwan lecoq, dk invited me a while back. hope it's cool to write on the website
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