Monday, May 17, 2004

Cormega & MOP - Let It Go

Old female r&b samples warped and speed-changed for hip-hop songs usually sound either giddy and chipmunk (fun shit) or creepy and witchlike (rugged shit). This is rugged shit so they go with the witch. MOP's vocals, which usually tend to overpower everything and make songs sound twice as trebly and messy anyway, are mixed so high in this one you can hear one of them snarling this big phlegmy snarl before they go at it, and when they do they almost drown out the really nice runaway flute loop. It's a big, strutty, loping song, one that stretches out like a rangy gorilla and straight LUNGES down the street. I like how some gangster shit makes you move like that - so SPACIOUSLY. The reason a twee guy can't get down to gangster shit is because you can't move to gangster shit with your elbows and knees turned inward all skinny and little like those fists you're making - you must SPREAD OUT. You see this in other things too, like drinking a bottle of iced tea. A gangster drinks his iced tea with a large grip around the top, heartily torquing back the bottle to sip. A non-gangster is all fingertips and angulation. "Iced tea has feelings too." Yeah whatever.

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